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Professional Staff Opportunities

Job Description

The Executive Director supports the Board in advancing the UC Graduate and Professional Council’s (UCGPC) mission through a combination of outreach, events, and representation. The Executive Director must approach their responsibilities with a student-centric approach, empowering University of California graduate and professional student leaders to shape their advocacy both within and external to the UC system. The Executive Director is ultimately responsible for the day-to-day management and oversight of business operations and management of full-time staff.

As UCGPC enters its growth phase, UCGPC seeks an Executive Director who will help build institutional infrastructure (organizational memory, file management systems, social media presence) and continuing to document our work as the scope and depth of our activities changes. The Executive Director supports UC Graduate and Professional Council operations, finances, and personnel. The Executive Director reports directly to the UCGPC Board and works with the Executive Officers. The Executive Director will also coordinate long-range strategic plans for fundraising and assisting in writing funding grants. Occasionally, the Executive Director will attend hearings and other UCGPC business in the California State Legislature. The Executive Director will be based in Sacramento and will attend all UCGPC Board Meetings and Executive Officer Meetings (25% travel).


The Executive Director will work with a diverse group of graduate and professional student leaders representing each of the ten University of California campuses to make progress on UCGPC’s annual advocacy topics. The Executive Director should be comfortable working independently, efficient at written and verbal communication, enjoys working in highly dynamic situations, adept at troubleshooting, and open to learning more about higher education student experiences. Experience working alongside Masters, Doctoral, and professional degree holders is required; experience as a post-Bachelors student recommended; familiarity with UC systemwide institutions recommended.



--Last updated May 25, 2022.

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