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UCGPC Voter Guide for Midterm Elections 2022

The analysis provided in this year's voter guide was done by an intercampus UCGPC legislative committee led by our legislative affairs director, Yaritza Gonzalez, a UCLA Policy Grad Student. Committee members include the UCGPC council member and UC Davis GSA external vice president, Himali Thakur, as well as two legislative directors at UC Davis' GSA, Sara Abou-Adas and Richard Tran. As part of the democratic process at UCGPC, ex officio council members voted to endorse proposition positions that will be beneficial and reflective of UC graduate student interests.

We at UCGPC hope that our legislative team's analysis helps educate the grad student community about these ballot propositions.

Prop 1: Abortion

Prop 1 provides a state constitutional right to reproductive freedom, including the right to an abortion.


The CA constitution would be changed to expressly include existing rights to reproductive freedom, such as the right to choose whether or not to have an abortion and use contraceptives. The state currently can only restrict abortions when needed to meet certain state interests such as public health and safety.

Vote Recommendation: Yes

By: Sara Abou-Adas, UC Davis GSA Legislative Director & Yaritza Gonzalez, UCGPC Legislative Affairs Director

Prop 26: Sport Betting at American Indian gaming casinos

Prop 27: Online Gambling

Prop 28: Education

Prop 29: Healthcare

Prop 30: Taxes and Transportation

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