Open Call for Executive Boards positions for 2021-2022

Come Work With Us : Descriptions Below

1. Serve as the Chief Executive Officer of the association and act as the official representative and public spokesperson of the Association.
2. Assist the Council Chair with coordination of Council activities and preparation of Council agendas.
3. Call and chair meetings of the Executive Committee.
4. Establish and maintain communication with the President of the University of California, the Chair of the Board of Regents, the Council of Chancellors, and the Chair of the Academic Senate.
5. Establish and maintain communication with other student organizations, including the California State Student Association and University of California Student Association.
6. Coordinate the Council’s actions regarding the budget in cooperation with the Treasurer.
7. Sign letters, opinion/editorial submissions, and other official written communication on behalf of the association.
8. Collaborate with member association Council representatives when making official statements or appearances representing the association in their campus or local media.
9. Make no less than one virtual or in-person visit per academic year of each member association to their respective campus, and whenever possible, appearing in front of the association’s respective legislative body.
10. Present an annual State of the Council at the UC Grad Summit. 11. Facilitate the transition and onboarding of a new Council after their term. 

1. Serve as the Chief Operating Officer of the association and act as the presiding officer over the Council meetings
2. Maintain the internal integrity of the governing documents of the UCGPC 
3. Serve as the point of communication with the office of the California Secretary of State in matters of corporate filings 
affecting the nonprofit nature of UCGPC.. 
4. Be the point of contact in matters of potential lawsuits and work with the president on such matters. 
5. Act as the official representative of and coordinate activities of the Council in cooperation with the president
6. Be authorized to vote to break a tie. 
7. Prepare and disseminate all agendas of meetings of the Council. 
8. Appoint standing committee and subcommittee members when the board calls for appointment. 
9. Facilitate all meetings of the Council. 
10. Be responsible for Council membership and matters pertaining to representation on the Council. 
11. Coordinate the Council’s actions regarding its governing documents and the annual Council retreat. 
12. Coordinate with standing committee Chairs and Vice Chairs the meetings of standing committees. 
13. Oversee the implementation of Council directives. 
14. Facilitate the transition and onboarding of a new Council after their term. 

1. Serve as the Chief Financial Officer of the association. 
2. Shall serve as the point person in dealing with IRS, auditors and other financial institutions. 
3. Establish and maintain UCGPC fiscal policies and procedures. 
4. Ensure compliance with the procedures established under all fiscal policies. 
5. Oversee the collection and disbursement of all UCGPC funds under the direction of the governing board 
6. Oversee the annual budget development with the Professional Staff and the president and communicate the budget 
process to Board members and member associations. 
7. Present quarterly financial and budgetary reports to the Council in collaboration with the Professional Staff and the 
8. Represent UCGPC to the Council on Student Fees. 
9. Facilitate the transition and onboarding of a new Council after their term. 

1. Serve as the Chief Information Officer of the Council. 
2. Maintain minutes, positions, and records of the Council. 
3. Work with the Director of Communications to coordinate communication of Council matters to the public. 
4. Assume the duties of the Council Chair in case of the position vacancies or the absence of the Council 
5. Give advice on parliamentary procedure to the officers, committees, and members of the organization in 
accordance to Robert’s Rules of Order and resolve disputes about proper procedure. 
6. Assist the Council Chair in their duties as delegated by the Council Chair. 
7. Maintain standing lists of ad-hoc committees