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Director of University Relations

California, USA

Job Type


About the Role

Duties and Responsibilities: UCGPC Bylaws §2.3
Oversee the establishment and implementation of the UC Governance policy agenda.
Develop positions regarding university policy, programs and actions.
Update Council on developments from the Academic Senate and UCOP.
Coordinate graduate and professional student appointments to and activity on system-wide committees.
Liaise with the Office of the President and Board of Regents to promote the Council’s agenda.
Attend all UCGPC Board meetings, retreats, and conferences.
Report to the UCGPC President.

Term Duration:
Sept 1, 2022 to Sept 30, 2023

$400.00/mo. ($5,200 total), travel reimbursed.

Estimated Workload:
Approximately 5-10 hours per week, may vary.



  • Must be an enrolled student at a UC graduate or professional degree program for the entire term.

Recommended Prior Experience:

  • Engagement with a UC campus-based graduate and/or professional student government.

  • Engagement with persons and groups at the UC system-wide level.

  • Knowledge of the UC governmental structures and the relationships between the different structures.

  • Recruiting students for open representative positions.

  • Management of independently working individuals.

Recommended Skills:

  • Developing policy positions with input from a variety of sources.

  • Time management and managing groups of various sizes.

  • Networking.

  • Excellence in writing and in preparing digestible summary reports.

About the Company

Here at University of California Graduate and Professional Council, we are driven by a single goal; to advocate on behalf of all UC graduate and professional students. Our decision making process is informed by constituent voices, personal experiences, and research. We strive to build productive relationships and make a positive impact with all of our pursuits.

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