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Grad summit promo

Grad summit promo

Welcome to Grad Summit 2022!

Each year, UCGPC hosts an annual Graduate Summit. During Grad Summit, we take the pulse of the incoming and current graduate student body to determine priority areas and advocacy agendas for the upcoming years. We encourage UC graduate and professional students, stakeholders, and other experts to apply to present on issues they would like to see represented in UCGPC's advocacy agenda. We also invite all UC graduate and professional students to attend and provide input and feedback on our priorities. After Grad Summit, UCGPC's Council will vote on our advocacy agenda for the duration of the academic year. The Council is comprised of elected student body leaders at each UC campus.


This year, we feature speakers passionate about these topics:

Financial Aid & Student Debt Relief Announcement

Midterm Election Proposition Analysis

Grad Student Mental Health

Mentorship Standards and Grad Student Rights

Anti-ableism in the UCs

Reproductive Justice

Housing and Cost of Living

Climate Justice and the UC Green New Deal Coalition

DACA Policy and Opportunity 4 All Campaign


Grad Summit will be held virtually on Saturday, November 5th from 9:30am to 3:00pm. We invite graduate/professional students and student affairs professionals in the UC system the opportunity to provide input on panelists' presentations.

Didn't register? Watch live on YouTube

The meeting will me livestreamed from Zoom. Use the comments section to engage with the community! We'll get back to your comments and questions after the event.

Program Schedule

Welcome and introduction
9:30 am
Hayden Schill, UCGPC President and Kiley Barton, UCGPC Council Chair
Student and Community Safety Speaker
9:45 am
Jody Stiger, Director of Community Safety, UC Office of the President
UCGPC: Financial Aid and Student Debt Relief Announcement & CA Midterm Election Propositions Analysis
10:05 am
Patriccia Ordonez-Kim (UCGPC Executive Director), Spencer Lively (UC Berkeley Representative), Kiley Barton (UCGPC Council Chair) and Yaritza Gonzalez (UCGPC Legislative Affairs Director)
Graduate Student Mental Health Presentation
10:30 am
Dr. Evelyn Vazquez, Principal Investigator & Manasi Rajadhyaksha, UC Riverside Doctoral Student and Graduate Student Researcher for Engaging the Academy to Address Underrepresented Graduate Students' Mental Health Needs
Mentorship Standards and Grad Student Rights Panel
11:00 am
Victor Wang (UC San Diego Doctoral Student) and Somchate Wasantwisut (UC Riverside Doctoral Student and Riverside UAW 2865) with Hayden Schill, UCGPC President
11:40 am
Basic Needs Panel: Anti-Ableism, Reproductive Justice, and Housing Insecurity/COLA
12:20 pm
Megan Lynch (UC Access Now Founder), Zora Mihaley (UC Irvine Doctoral Student), Patriccia Ordonez-Kim, (UCGPC Executive Director)
Civic Engagement Panel: Climate Change Coalitions and Opportunity 4 All Campaign
1:00 pm
Caroline Hung (Graduate Student Representative for UCOP Pathways to Fossil Free Campus Task Force), Adam Cooper (UCGPC Organizing Director and UC Green New Deal Coalition), Carlos Alarcon Garcia (UCLA Graduate Student and Opportunity 4 All Campaign Representative)
Attendee Coalition-Building and Discussions
1:40 pm
All Attendees, moderated by UCGPC Officers
2022 Vote to Determine UCGPC Annual and Permanent Advocacy Priorities
2:10 pm
UCGPC Council Members / Campus GSA External Vice Presidents
Closing Remarks
2:20 pm
Hayden Schill, UCGPC President
CLOSED SESSION: Systemwide Committee and StARs Nominations
2:30 pm
UCGPC Council Members / Campus GSA External Vice Presidents


This year, our speakers come from UC Riverside, UC San Diego, UC Berkeley, UC Irvine, and UC Los Angeles. They represent student issues, are involved in projects, and work with external organizations to further the issues they are passionate about. Read more about them here!