Victor Wang

Council Chair

Victor Wang is a 4th year PhD candidate at UC San Diego. In addition to being Council Chair, Victor is also the current GSAUCSD Vice President of Academic Affairs, working on improving faculty-student mentorship quality. He has previously served as a UCGPC Board Member, representing UC San Diego. He is committed to supporting UCGPC’s growth as an organization and increasing the voice of graduate students in policy processes. When not setting meeting agendas or answering emails, Victor can be found at the research bench synthesizing molecules that forces us to reevaluate our understanding of carbon and organic molecules. In his spare time, Victor enjoys trying new foods, hosting wine nights pre-COVID, and going to the San Diego beaches (of course!).


Gwen Chodur


Gwen Chodur is a 5th year PhD candidate at UC Davis in the Graduate Group of Nutritional Biology. She is concurrently serving as the EVP for the UC Davis Graduate Student Association, her fourth year as a member of that board, and as the Director of Social Justice Concerns at the National Association of Graduate-Professional Students. When she’s not advocating for graduate students or working on her research, Gwen is a doting single parent to her cat and enjoys cooking and gardening.  

Miriam Goldman is a 3rd year Ph.D. Student in Biomedical Informatics at UCSF. She is also serving as the EVP of Graduate Studies for the UCSF Graduate Student Association. Her research tries to better model the microbiome of people over space and time. In addition to a passion for advocacy during her free time Miriam loves to hike, run, and spend too much energy cooking. 

Vice Chair 

Miriam Goldman


Amy Headshot.jpg



Amy E. Shine is a 5th year Ph.D. in Theatre and Drama in the joint UCI-UCSD Ph.D. program. Her research examines the emergence of women's voices in Western mass media during the Restoration, following the exile of the Interregnum, as playwrights and actresses. Currently, she is UCI's Chief of Staff for their Associated Graduate Students (AGS), AGS Council Representative for the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, and External Liaison for the Palo Verde Residents' Council. Passionate about advocating for her peers, teaching, and dramaturging, Amy recharges her well of drive and inspiration through attending theatre, roadtrips, and keeping her 17-year-old cat, Puppy, alive (through cuddles, in-depth conversations, and Ringer's lactate solution infusions).


Hyunsoo Gloria Kim

Director of Legislative Affairs

Hyunsoo Gloria Kim is a 5th year PhD candidate in Microbiology at UC Davis; she received her Bachelor's degrees in Molecular & Cellular Biology and Psychology from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Her current and previous research projects span the fields of synthetic biology, metabolic regulation, tissue engineering, cancer epidemiology, cognitive neuroscience, and science education. Gloria is energized by learning about and advocating for social and environmental justice. She is especially interested in the intersections of STEM and policy and is also a strong proponent of public engagement/participation. Gloria is otherwise enthusiastic about the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area (+ pretty much all of CA), peaceful early mornings, cycling, food, Korean (American) history, and disappointing Rockets and Kings basketball.


Ernesto Arciniega

Director of Outreach

Ernesto Arciniega is a PhD candidate in Hispanic Literatures at UCLA. Ernesto’s research interests are Contemporary Latin American, Mexican, and Chicanx literatures and cultures, Mexican immigration to the United States, immigration law in the U.S., border studies, and protest art. Ernesto is a strong advocate for social justice and immigrants’ rights. He is the founder and former President of UCLA Hispanic Latinx Graduate Students Association (2017-2019), was the inaugural GSA Director of Diversity, Inclusion and Community Engagement at UCLA (2018-2019), and has served as Graduate Director on the AS-UCLA Board of Directors (2019-2020). Today, Ernesto is an elected Councilmember for the North Westwood Neighborhood Council in the 5th District of the City of Los Angeles, where he advocates for building student affordable housing, improving public transportation, and fighting for Westwood’s disfranchised. During his free time, Ernesto loves watching queer-themed films and series, practicing world languages, and hanging out with his friends in West Hollywood.

Eduardo Tellez

Director of Campaigns