Council Chair

Arielle is a 3rd year PhD student in Social Psychology UC Riverside with a concentration in Public Policy. She presently serves as the UC Advocacy Officer with the UC Riverside Graduate Student Association. The essence of Arielle’s work includes political psychology, broadly speaking, understanding how positionality affects public opinion, candidate evaluations, and voting behavior. In turn, how this influences public policy. Arielle comes to the UC GPC as a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Pennsylvania with a short career in family therapy. Specifically, working with the high need population of children at risk of out-of-home placement and their families. Arielle served as an advocate and therapist for the children and families struggling with mental health disorders, chronic stressors, and systemic barriers. Currently, Arielle seeks to understand the political climate and economy of the UC systems while advocating for graduate and professional students.  




Connor is a PhD student in sociology at UC-Irvine and is serving concurrently at the External Vice President for Irvine's graduate student government. He has previously served as UCGPC's Chair and Vice Chair. When he's not traveling around the state, he can be found being chased around the house by his cat while carrying a string.


Shane K. M. Wood is a 4th year PhD in Theatre and Drama in the joint PhD program with UCI andUCSD. His research analyzes trauma and women’s roles in religious and theatrical representation in Medieval and Early Modern England. He is the current AGS President and Graduate Co-Chair of UC’s Council of Presidents,  but has been involved with student governments throughout his education. His goals for UCGPC for this year is to continue UCGPC's robust advocacy while finding new ways of engaging with our students and their families to support all aspects of their experience. When not working with UCGPC or his own research, he is an overly-involved cat parent and will readily show too many pictures of Damian and Katya if prompted–and probably if not. 



Amy E. Shine is a 5th year Ph.D. in Theatre and Drama in the joint UCI-UCSD Ph.D. program. Her research examines the emergence of women's voices in Western mass media during the Restoration, following the exile of the Interregnum, as playwrights and actresses. Currently, she is UCI's Chief of Staff for their Associated Graduate Students (AGS), AGS Council Representative for the Claire Trevor School of the Arts, and External Liaison for the Palo Verde Residents' Council. Passionate about advocating for her peers, teaching, and dramaturging, Amy recharges her well of drive and inspiration through attending theatre, roadtrips, and keeping her 17-year-old cat, Puppy, alive (through cuddles, in-depth conversations, and Ringer's lactate solution infusions).

Vice Chair 

Legislative Affairs 



Campaigns Director 


Community Outreach Director

Maryam is a third-year Ph.D. student and NSF-GRFP fellow in the Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering (MAE) Department at UC Irvine. Her research aimed at a more sustainable, efficient power generation and a clean environment. She has been involved with UCI AGS since 2017. She was AGS Annual Graduate Research Symposium Co-Chair and Legislative Director for the Association of Graduate Students (AGS) during the last two years. She has been involved with the Association of Energy Engineers at UCI, MAE Graduate Student Association, and DECADE in different capacities during the last couple of years. Her passion is to advocate for graduate students’ rights and make changes in minorities’ lives. She will be continuing to advocate for student rights as  UCGPC campaign director the 2019-2020 year. 

Marjan Kris is in his first year at UC Davis School of Law. Seeing the power of student mobilization in his first couple of years at UC Santa Barbara spurred his interest in higher education advocacy. He continued his work upon transferring to UCLA, where he worked on issues relating to basic needs security, affordability, and community representation. 


Prior to law school, he worked in Long Beach, CA implementing equity and accessibility programs as it related to sustainability and water efficiency. In his spare time, Marjan Kris enjoys collecting rare houseplants and rock-climbing.